our philosophy + promise

Ben Eismann, Apex Fine Finishing

Ben Eismann, Apex Fine Finishing

We believe in redefining expectations, doing things that have never been done before—pushing the boundaries of color and traditional furniture design. It's about maintaining an aire of luxury, while ensuring each
piece accomplishes our goal of delighting the customer.

This is not just our philosophy, but our promise.
We approach each project with a singular level of attention and care.

What can we create for you today?   

We offer...

.  A variety of unique, high-end finishes available for hard wood + exotic veneers

.  Customized, cutting-edge furniture finishing + design, created upon request for your one-of-a-kind piece

.  Brand new, fully permitted facility located in Mission Valley focused on environmental standards + compliance

.  Contractor + Design consultations available upon request


Contact Ben Eismann at 619.341.0047 for more information or to schedule a consultation.